Learning about the E-Nach and E-mandate system

Learning about the E-Nach and E-mandate system and process

What is e-nach?

E-Nach means Electronic National Automated Clearing House. It helps us with hassle-free recurring payments. It facilitates fund transfer and monthly debit/credit payments within the country. Monthly payments for banks, financial institutions, and government agencies in the form of EMIs, insurance premiums, subscriptions, etc can be cleared automatically with e-nach. E-Nach is a digital platform controlled by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India).

Difference between e-nach and e-mandate:

E-NACH (Electronic National Automated Clearing House):

It’s a method of electronic fund transfer from one bank account to another bank account. E-NACH is commonly used for processes like recurring payments such as EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments), insurance premiums, SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) and other monthly payment plans. It automates the process of debit and credit transactions from the customer’s bank account.

E-Mandate: It refers to the authorization given by an individual or entity to allow another party to debit funds from their bank account for a specific purpose. E-mandates can be set up for various payment services such as personal loans, utilities, subscriptions, etc. It’s the agreement or instruction that allows a recurring payment to occur.

How is E-nach beneficial?


E-Nach offers monthly payments without manual initiation. During pre-enach times, customers had constant reminders for payments, they also had expensive penalties for not paying during the time period. All such hardships have been rectified with the introduction of e-nach.


The customer has the flexibility to choose the payment option that best suits them whether it is a one-time payment or recurring payment plan. E-Nach will work with the option opted by its customer.


E-Nach provides a service that is digitally authorized. Customers’ data is encrypted. Electronic transactions ensure accuracy and security.


E-Nach reduces the paper and printing costs associated with the payment process. Since its payment method is electronic, it can offer services at minimized service cost.


It provides reliable payments and reduces risk and fraud associated with the manual payment method. It offers reliable service with an electronic payment process.


One of the major advantages of e-nach is that it offers monthly automatic payment. Once the registration process is completed in e-nach, it will make automatic payments which can be time saving.


E-Nach offers monthly faster payments without a manual payment process with reduced risk and fraud.

How to register for E-nach?

The first step in e-nach registration is that you need to log into the current bank account website either through your registered mobile number or bank account number. You are requested to select the method of receiving, you can opt for an sms or email method. Once the link is generated you need to check the eligibility and for further proceeding fill in the details required.

Check eligibility:

You need to have an active Internet banking or debit card for e-nach registration. If you don’t have any of these, you need to apply for a debit card in your bank. 

Initiating e-nach:

You need to fill in the details in the link which was sent through sms or email. The necessary details include

  1. Name of the account holder
  2. Email address
  3. Mobile number
  4. Pan card number
  5. Start and end date of EMI
  6. Frequency of payment

Once you completed filling these details and submitted the form bank you send an email for further proceedings.

Receiving email/sms:

In the email there is a confirm option, you need to click on it to confirm the registration process.

Verification and authentication:

For the process of authentication and verification, you will receive an OTP via email or SMS from the bank; you must fill it out in the box provided. Your e-nach registration is finished as soon as the OTP is confirmed.

With this e-nach registration, monthly payment is completed with e-nach without the requirement for a manual payment process.


Does an individual without active internet banking or debit card can register for e-nach?

Individuals aren’t allowed to register in e-nach without active internet banking or debit card. You are requested to apply for a debit card in your bank branch to register in e-nach.

Is e-nach secure for making payments?

E-Nach offers services that are digitally authorized and the customer data is encrypted. Electronic transactions ensure accuracy and transparency in the payment process.

Does e-nach offer a one-time payment option?

It is possible to make a one-time payment along with the monthly payments. It depends on the customer to choose the option that suits whether it is a one-time payment or a monthly payment method.

What are the types of payments which can proceed with e-nach?

payment types include EMIs, insurance premiums, subscriptions, SIPs, and other monthly payments that can also be registered in e-nach.

Can I cancel or reverse e-nach transaction?

No, it is not possible to reverse the payment. Therefore, it is advised to double check the payment details before confirming the transaction.

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