Learn about APAAR ID and its benefits in 2024

Learn About APPAR ID

In July 2023, the Ministry of Education introduced two new initiatives related to the implementation of the 2020 National Education Policy (NEP 2020) through a panel discussion  

The Ministry of Education and the Government of India launched the APAAR ID card in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 to provide unique ID numbers to schools across India.  

The APAAR ID is also known as the ‘One Nation One Student ID Card‘ It assigns unique identification numbers to students based on their UID numbers.

This APAAR ID is intended to serve as a lifelong record, tracking a student’s academic performance, achievements, and other educational statistics.  

As per the reports, the Ministry of Education has asked state chief secretaries asking schools to encourage students to create APAAR IDs that would be based on and verified using their Aadhaar numbers.

Additionally, the Ministry has instructed schools to organize special parent-teacher meetings to educate parents about the APAAR initiative and seek their consent for creating students’ APAAR IDs.  

What is an APAAR ID?  

APAAR ID stands for Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry ID. It is a unique identification number that will be assigned to students based on their UID number. This card serves as an education ecosystem registry, called an ‘Edu Locker.’  

How is it different from an Aadhaar card?  

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), is a 12-digit unique identity number received voluntarily by all Indian residents based on their biometrics, allowing for a more efficient and transparent allocation of certain government benefits and subsidies to citizens.  

It can be used as proof of identification and address, whereas APAAR is a lifelong ID that allows students to document their educational progress and achievements from pre-primary to higher education.  

What Is APAAR ID For Students?

The Ministry of Education has launched a digital identification card called the APAAR ID card for students enrolled in private and government schools or colleges across India. It enables students to track their academic credits, degree, and other achievements.  

The APAAR ID card serves as a lifelong identification number that tracks a student’s academic journey and accomplishments, streamlining the process of transferring from one educational institution to another.  

The APAAR ID card, also known as the One Nation One Student ID Card, will be linked to the student’s UID card number. It is a big step toward a more accessible and organized academic experience for students.  

APAAR ID Registration Online:  

To register for an APAAR ID, students must have a valid Aadhar card. Schools and colleges should consider parent’s consent before the registration for APAAR ID.  

Students can download the APAAR card after registration. After the registration, it will generate a 12-digit unique ID that could be called an APAAR ID or PEN (Permanent Educational Number). 

What is PEN?  

PEN can be considered a student’s unique identifier; it is a method of addressing a student’s educational progress and achievements. This number would remain constant throughout their academic career  

Student’s Permanent Education Number (PEN) will be recorded and printed on the following documents, as per the Ministry of Education’s guidelines.  

Document Student’s PEN Recorded 
SSC Memo (10th Class Memo) ✔️ 
SSC Hall Ticket (10th Class Hall Ticket) ✔️ 
School Attendance Registers ✔️ 
Transfer Certificate ✔️ 
Record Sheet ✔️ 
School Admission Registers ✔️ 

Benefits of APAAR ID card:  

APAAR ID is a permanent identification number for students, allowing them to track their academic journey and providing personalized guidance and support.  

Students’ data like name, degree, report card, health care, etc. will digitally store student’s data in one place.  

Administrative processes have been improved to allow smooth transitions between schools and institutions while also lowering paperwork.  

It helps in tracking each student’s dropout rate, allowing the government to make efforts to bring them into the mainstream and reconnect them with educational activities.  

The credit score given to the students through APAAR ID can be used for their higher education or entrance exams conducted by universities.  


What are the benefits of APAAR ID?  

APPAR ID is a permanent identification number for students. It allows them to track student data like name, degree, report card, and health card.  

How can I use my APAAR card?  

You can use your APAAR ID to log into Dig Blocker. Is an online repository that stores data securely and allows students to track their academic growth.  

How many digits are there in the APAAR ID?  

APPAR ID generates 12 unique codes to manage and access their educational growth.  

  What is using a student ID number?  

An educational institution issues a student ID to identify students’ data inside the school or college community. 

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