Spotting the red flags in the Illegal loan apps 

Spotting red flags in illegal loan apps

Google removed 4700 illegal apps from the Play Store in two years. There are many instant loan applications in the Play Store, but it is difficult to find a trusted one. In this blog, we explain how to spot the red flags in personal loan applications and the steps to find the best loan app  

What are the red flags in the Illegal loan app?  

1. The lender has not been verified with the RBI.  

It is important to know before taking a loan from banks or any financial organization, check whether it is registered in the Reserve Bank of India. The RBI has implemented a comprehensive legal framework to regulate the digital lending sector.  

Regulated institutions (such as banks and non-bank financial companies) who work with digital lending applications must perform an investigation on these organizations before entering any partnership or arrangement and make sure that such platforms conform with the legal framework.  

Make sure you do not register or download the application from the unauthorized company, as it is mandatory for the loan provider to register or list their company in the RBI  

Download the app only from the Google Play Store or App Store. It is better to avoid installing from any Unofficial organization’s website.  

2. Offers loan without KYC  

Know your customer (KYC) is mandatory in all loan processes. A company providing a loan without KYC is considered a red flag.  

The KYC process includes a collection of information such as identity verification, biometric confirmation, borrower’s creditworthiness, and document verification. A company offers a loan that includes KYC can be trusted.

1. Personal Information Provide your name, date of birth, contact details, and address. 
2. Identity Verification Submit a government-issued ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport) for identity verification. 
3. Proof of Income Provide documentation to verify your income sources (e.g., pay stubs, tax returns). 
4. Employment Information Provide details about your current employment status and employer. 
5. Bank Account Details Share your bank account information for loan disbursement and repayment 

3. The lender guarantees loan approval before you apply  

Applying for a personal loan through a mobile application is secure unless the organization offers the loan without verification. Several requirements must be met, such as credit score, age, monthly income, etc. It is best to avoid loans if there is no guarantee of loan approval.  

What are the actions to take to avoid a personal loan scam?  

Many people have undergone difficult situations with funding; therefore, personal loans have become the best option to resolve financial problems. To avoid personal loan scams, you should know a few things.  

Check lender’s online reviews:  

Lender reviews are more important before applying for a personal loan. There are insights to check lender reviews, such as app customer reviews on Google, which shows a clear idea of that financial organization  

Look for the lender’s contact information:  

Before taking out a personal loan, it is necessary to look for the lender’s details like their email address, office address, and customer service number, even if they are an online personal loan lender.  

How to pick the best loan app?  

In today’s digital generation, choosing the right loan app can be difficult. Evaluating factors like interest rates, customer reviews, and terms and conditions can help you connect with financial needs and personal preferences. The best loan app is one that not only offers competitive rates and flexible repayment options but also provides transparency, user-friendliness, and strong data protection practices. Zap Money provides user user-friendly interface, transparency, and data protection. Whether you are looking for a personal loan or financial solution, Zap Money solves a wide range of financial needs. In an age where convenience and dependability are critical, Zap Money stands out as the loan app of choice for discerning borrowers looking for a hassle-free and secure lending experience.  


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