Understand the difference between Equifax and CIBIL.

Difference between Equifax and credit score

A credit score is essential for obtaining any form of loan, particularly for the lender to determine the borrower’s credit history. As per the report, credit score is important when applying for loans such as home loans, gold loans, personal loans, and so on. It is practically necessary for any form of debt.  

Equifax and CIBIL are the two credit bureaus authorized by the Reserve Bank of India. These companies hold all the data on the credit activities of customers and provide user-friendly credit report information. Banks and financial institutions use this information to determine a person creditworthiness

Equifax score vs CIBIL score

The importance of a credit score can be determined by taking out a loan or using a credit card. However, are there differences in the credit scores supplied by the various bureaus? In this article, we will explain what a credit score is and what are the differences between the Equifax credit score and the CIBIL score.  

What is a credit score?  

A credit score is a digit numeric expression to represent a person’s creditworthiness or their ability to repay. It is a statistical measure based on information from a person’s credit record. Credit bureaus such as Equifax, Experian, and maintains it CIBIL TransUnion.  

About two bureaus:  

Equifax is a credit information provider Headquartered in Mumbai. It was established in 2010 and maintains 200 million consumer credit profiles. They collect data from various sources, including banks and non-banking financial to build comprehensive credit reports.

Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) was established in 2000 as India’s first credit bureau. TransUnion International Inc., an American credit services corporation, acquired it in 2005 and currently owns most of the shares. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and has been renamed TransUnion CIBIL. However, the credit score is often called the CIBIL score. 

Difference between Equifax and CIBIL Score: 

Feature CIBIL Score Equifax  
Provider TransUnion CIBIL Equifax 
Score Range 300 – 900 300 – 850 
Common Use Most lenders in India use CIBIL Score Commonly used by lenders in the US 
Main Factors Payment history, credit utilization, credit age, inquiries Payment history, amounts owed, credit age, credit mix, new credit 
Accessing Score Can check CIBIL Score from CIBIL website or report Can purchase Equifax credit report and score from Equifax 
Cost Free CIBIL Score report once a year, paid reports at other times Need to purchase credit report and score, pricing varies 
Report Details Includes account details, inquiries, score reasons Includes personal information, accounts, public records, score factors 

Why Do Equifax and CIBIL Scores Differ?  

Every credit bureau organization uses its algorithm to create credit reports. Various factors lead to a different set of credit reports .

Data sources:  

Equifax and CIBIL collect data from different financial institutions, such as banks and credit card companies. The data they access may vary from individual-leading to differences in scores.

Different scoring models:  

Equifax uses its own secret credit scoring model, while CIBIL follows the CIBIL TransUnion Score model. Both Equifax and CIBIL are not releasing their secret algorithm to the public. These factors can differ in a variety of aspects, including payment history, credit use, and others.  

Score Calculation:  

Even when using identical data inputs, each bureau has its own calculation method. The exact calculation and algorithm used to arrive at the scores are unique to each credit bureau.  

Target different locations:

Equifax is a global corporation, while CIBIL focuses on the Indian market. This can lead to differences in scores and certain credit behaviors.  

Which score should you use: Equifax or CIBIL?  

When picking between the Equifax score vs CIBIL score, consider your financial status and the requirements of the lender you want to approach.  

Consider the following factors before going for a personal loan:  


If you are looking for lenders from India, you should prioritize your CIBIL Score as it’s a primary credit bureau for the Indian market. If you are dealing with American lenders, the Equifax score will likely be more relevant.  

Lender Preferences:  

Different lenders can choose to use credit bureaus for credit reports and scores. If you are considering taking out a loan from a specific lender, it is good to ask them which bureau they use.  

Type of Credit:

Certain forms of credit products, such as home loans or personal loans, may have specific requirements or a preference for credit bureau scores.  

Credit History:  

If one credit bureau captures more credit history than another, their respective scores may differ. That impacts which one provides a more accurate representation.  


Equifax and CIBIL are trustworthy credit bureaus in India. The choice between Equifax vs CIBIL scores is up to the lender, and borrowers should make the right choice before taking out a personal loan. Select a bank or financial institution that is RBI-registered and partner with these credit bureaus, such as Zap Money.  

Zap Money is an online personal loan app that offers quick personal loans online and has partnered with Equifax, CRIF , and CIBIL.  


Is Equifax safe to use?  

Equifax is a highly reputable credit bureau; it notifies customers about credit scores, credit reports, credit monitoring, and privacy protection.  

Which companies use Equifax?  

Equifax Credit Information Services Private Limited is RBI-licensed. ECIS is a partnership between Equifax Inc. and seven Indian financial institutions, including Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India, Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd, Bank of India, Sundaram Finance Limited, Union Bank of India, and Religare Finvest Limited  

Which credit score is accurate in India?  

TransUnion CIBIL is regarded as the most reliable credit bureau in India. Almost all banks and financial institutions are members of TransUnion CIBIL.  

Is it possible to have a credit score of 900?  

It is difficult to get a 900 credit score. Only 1.31% of individuals can have a credit score of 850.  

How to increase the CIBIL score from 600 to 750?  

You can improve your credit score by paying down debt or opening a new credit account. However, making monthly repayments on schedule can help you improve your credit score. 

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